Monday, January 18, 2010

Why I like this apartment - reason #1

After my previous post, I kind of felt bad for our ghetto apartment. Sure, I clean mold off the walls fairly regularly. Sure, it sits smack dab on the street so the traffic and people noise is brutal. Sure, it's the size of a match box. Sure, there is absolutely no outdoor garden space. Well, there is ONE good thing about this place - location, location, location.

This place is dead handy to just about everything - restaurants, shops, pubs, you name it. I was thinking about this as I was walking back from the library. Don't get me wrong, walking everywhere can be a total pain and there are days that I LONG for a car, but when it comes to the day to day stuff, walking everywhere is a total benefit. Wes walks to work and I walk to the shops or to meet friends (because I have no work to walk to). If we did want to use public transportation there's a great bus stop up the street and we're just a few blocks from the LUAS. Heuston Station is close by and this is the station we use to get the train to Cork. And of course we're within easy walking distance to Phoenix Park, which we both enjoy.

So yeah, we might get the occasional bottle through our window, but oh well. It's our first 'home' as a married couple and we'll certainly look back on it with fond (and not so fond) memories. We're not going to be here forever! I hope.


  1. This reminds me so much of our story. We had an apartment near Terenure with wet walls, constant breeze and no heat (well one space heater) which we hated at the time but I still get mistyeyed when we pass it on the way into town thinking how nice it was to be so close to the local bakery Adrian got croissants at each Sunday and the village just down the road and town a couple of bus stops away. Fair play to you for being able to appreciate it in the moment!

  2. I'm so glad you found a happy side to the apartment! Walking everywhere is such a blessing, not only for the money saved on having a car, but for the waistline too!

  3. Score one for the apartment!! I am sure you guys will look back on it with fond memories someday!

  4. It's what the real estate call a starter house! Moving on up will seem even better:) Love the new blog background too!!