Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear People* of Dublin,

(*'People' includes residents, Dublin City Council**, and shopkeepers)

1. Uggs are not snow boots. In fact, they are barely boots. They're slippers, remember??

2. However, Uggs are a better choice then 6 inch stilettos. (I refer to my 365 blog for photographic evidence)

3. Those walking poles you use for your hikes through the Wicklow mountains? Not helpful on ice. Particularly if you just carry one.

4. If you are nice enough to clear the snow of your section of sidewalk, it is imperative that you follow up with salt. Otherwise, the wet sidewalk that never dries (because this is Ireland) will now turn into a sheet of pure ice. It was easier to walk over the 2 inch thick sheet of ice covered in snow. Seriously.

5. Shovels - get one! It's easier and quicker to clear off the slush and ice than using a broom, a large scraping device, or the 'specials' sign from your restaurant.

6. Salt will not melt through 2 inches of ice. You must remove the ice first.

7. If you know the snow and/or ice is coming...and we all use preventative measures instead of waiting for it to come then running around like chickens with your head cut off. Snow and freezing temperatures are coming?? Start salting the roads. I know, I'll think it's useless because there's NO SNOW, but seriously, it's coming. Take my word for it. Once the snow and ice starts it will initially melt because of the salt. Once it starts to accumulate then you bring out the plow (I'm assuming there is only one here in Dublin). The plow should be one of those fancy schmancy ones - plow in the front, salt spreader in the back. Yes, it's the mullet of trucks. Ugly, but effective. Repeat as necessary.

**Cork County Council could take a lesson in this too. I didn't appreciate being stuck in the house over Christmas due to ice. There was no excuse for the state of the road between Crosshaven and Carrigaline.


  1. I finally left the house today after being trapped here since last Saturday. No shoveling ,no salting....I was too desperate to care. AND to top it off someone's dog crapped in the snow right outside my garden door!

    Wellies are NOT snow boots either. Trust me :)

  2. Genius post. Some excellent advice that Cheshire Council should follow as well.

  3. Hi Kim: Regarding them 6-inch heels on snow.... how about insisting on pairing them tights with holes and micromini skirt --DESPITE THE SNOW AND COLD!? Yes I have seen them (one was in Goth attire but the stockings had hole patterns on them-- as in real holes)! I cannot believe how they continue this Saturday night "de riguer" whatever the weather! (well, at least in England)

  4. Love this post. It's all so true. The stilettos remind me of living in Belarus. The women continued to wear their stilettos in the snow and ice, and there I was in my snow boots. I never did quite fit in there. Hmmm ;)