Thursday, January 28, 2010

A good day? Yes, at least it was for me!

I decided to mix things up today and head over to a local coffee shop to drink some chai and read my book. I guess I got pretty into my book because I looked up to see a gard, chatting with two guys and a woman. Seems the one guy saw the other guy trying to steal from the woman's coat which had been hanging on the back of her chair. Where the guy found the gard? I have no idea. It was all very subdued, there was no yelling and the drama was minimal, so a little disappointing really. At one point the gard wanted to talk to the witness and asked the perp to stand there and he did. What kind of a criminal are you!? The highlight was definitely when the perp got handcuffed and the paddywagon came and picked him up. I just wish there had been more yelling. Oh well.

I managed to get all the ingredients I needed for dinner in ONE shop. This is a miracle.

Then I stopped in my favorite Asian shop to pick up some bamboo shoots, which was really just a front for perusing their soda section. They definitely have the best selection of American sodas - Mountain Dew, Cherry 7-Up, Root Beer, Cream Soda. I will occasionally treat myself to a cool beverage, which I realize makes me sound like I'm 80 years old. Today's choice??

I thought about getting a bigger bottle and some vanilla ice cream to make a root beer floats, but I wasn't interested in seeing my husband's head spin at this crazy idea. Plus, that might have been way too much excitement for one day. 


  1. Howdy, I have been reading your blog for the past 2 days. I love it. Though, I have found myself mildly depressed reading it. Anywho, I wanted to ask you many questions particularly about the employment situation in Ireland. I hope that you may contact me via email:

    I'm Erika.

    I am looking to move to Ireland sometime after March. It's for <2 years (closing the gap of an 8 month intercontinental relationship). I need help. I am reading your blog for insight. I only have questions (more than before). Sigh.


  2. Hmmm...I'm sorry my blog has depressed you! I can only imagine this has to do with the job market in Ireland, which will depress anyone! I will email you and hopefully cheer you up a bit!

  3. You're right - what sort of criminal is that? Usually Dubliners give more entertainment value when the coppers are around. Lucky woman though that it was all peaceful and calm.

  4. Sounds like a very polite criminal. Cherry 7Up? You must tell me where that store is located. Yum!

  5. It's the Asian market found on Mary Street, which is just off of Henry Street. Actually, if you check the Asian shops closer to you you might find it there. There are two shops near me that source the Cherry 7-Up!