Friday, January 22, 2010

My legacy lives on, even when I'm an ocean away!

My mother just emailed me this story about my Grandma and I loved it! Just for reference, Mary and Romayne are my aunts and black walnuts are vile.

I want to relate to you a story that Mary told me yesterday when she handed me a small plastic bag containing a few black walnuts pieces. She said that mom handed them to her out of the freezer the other day telling Mary that they had been in there for about 2 years and needed used up.  Mary asked her why she didn't throw them into some of her chocolate chip cookies she makes and mom said "because Kim doesn't like them". Mary sounded rather incredulous when she said "but Kim doesn't live here".  Mom said "I know but I just didn't use them because I know she doesn't like them".  I think it's only fair to tell you that Mary and Romayne and I are harboring ill feelings toward you because we have been denied cookies with black walnuts just because of you!  (actually till I got to eat the few walnuts that were left some of them no longer tasted good)