Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Non-Resolutions

I don't do resolutions. I always just feel they're made to be broken and in my case will probably just lead to disappointment. I previously posted that I froze my gym membership to take boot camp, but I've taken things further...I quit the gym. Many people would be happy to do this, but this is huge for me. I've had a gym membership for 10 years and I'm one of those strange people who actually like going to the gym. I don't just like the classes, I need the classes to keep me motivated. I need to become friendly with the instructor so that when I don't show up I feel guilt. When I was in Baltimore I had to drive past my gym on the way home from work and if I didn't go, I'd feel guilt. Regardless of all the guilt (and I'm not even Catholic!), I really do enjoy going.

Gyms in Ireland suck. I've been told by more than one gym employee, that gyms here are about 30 years behind gyms in the UK and US. You still have to pay horrendous joining fees and often not all of the classes are included in your huge monthly membership, so if you want to take yoga or pilates you have to pay an additional 70 euro for a 6 week course. This is totally ridiculous. Such was the case at my gym, so I quit.

Now I'm trying to figure out what the heck I'm going to do. My membership is up at the end of January and I'd like to not pay for anything additional while I'm waiting for it to run out. It is way too cold to do boot camp, but once it warms up a bit I'll most likely do another one of those in the spring. I may end up joining the Dublin YMCA which is cheaper than regular gym and has a decent selection of classes. You can pay by the class, so I may try some more out (I've been to one) before committing to a membership. Yesterday I bought Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I'm not as keen on videos (where's the guilt!?), but I've heard good things about it and it means I don't have to go out into the cold. Wes didn't balk at the price, nor did he suggest waiting to buy it online, further confirming he's on board with this decision. I need to get some weights, but I did the video this morning anyways just to see what it's like. It was pretty good! We don't have a lot of space in our living room, so doing videos where you 'travel' a lot, like Tae Bo, are difficult to do here. If it warms up a bit, I'll supplement this with *gulp* running. Don't hold me to that one.

I'm also going to be better about following the Weight Watchers stuff. I'm actually not too bad when cooking for Wes and I, making sure I'm eating the proper portions. I need to get my lunches under better control and of course there is the snacking.

Most of this is spurned on by the hopes that we will try to get pregnant this year (your welcome Mom and Sister!). I'm pretty terrified of being overweight if/when I get pregnant. The idea of gaining another 30-50 lbs scares me even more. I'm a short person, so it doesn't take too much additional weight to make me look and feel uncomfortable. Not to mention, it's not good for my health.

Oh yeah, and I want to get a job.

And I want to move to a new place with less mold. This is Ireland, so no mold would be impossible.


  1. I've heard the same thing about gyms here, so I never bothered to join. Good luck with your goals. I noticed the other goal you threw in toward the end of the post, very exciting ;)

  2. Good luck with it all. I need to get my WW stuff out, too. Don't be too sure you'll gain weight when you get pregnant! I ended up thinner after both boys than before I got pregnant!