Monday, May 11, 2009


Not much new going on here. There's a hiring freeze in the public sector and pretty much everything in this country is funded by the government. The hiring freeze came into effect on April 1st and Wes said it's supposed to last a year. Ever the optimist, I look for jobs every day at the hopes that the freeze has been lifted, but no such luck. We heard that some of the universities are using temp agencies to get around the hiring freeze and Wes is hopefully going to find out from some insiders which agencies they might be using. I've found a couple of jobs peppered here and there, but nothing I'd be interested in or qualified for. It's all a bit frustrating. If I were an accountant or fluent in German, I'd be in a better position to find something right now!

We're in the process of getting a land line for the phone. If anyone remembers my UK experience 2 years ago, this can take 6 weeks to actually happen. It's ridiculous really.

So, I'm bored. I'm becoming quite the cook. Wes is annoyed because I don't let him cook dinner, but some days that's all I have to do!

Some things we have coming up to look forward to are: 1.) Trip to Switzerland at the beginning of June. Wes has a conference there, so I'm going with him. He went last year and I was going to go, but it didn't work out because of work. 2.) Trip to England in June to visit some friends. 3.) Parents and aunt and uncle coming to Ireland at the end of August. Hope the weather's nice for that one!