Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weighty Issues

We've been trying to cut back on spending by not eating out as much, etc. We both love to eat out and it's very expensive to do so in Dublin. So I pretty much knew this conversation was going to go down like a lead balloon:

Me: I may go out today to look for a dress for the wedding next month.
Him: (Looks at me suspiciously)
Me: I don't really have anything to wear!
Him: What about the red dress??*
Me: I'm not sure that dress even fits me anymore!
Him: Well lose some weight!
Me: That's lovely. (Thoughts of guilt for not going to the gym yesterday due to sheer laziness.)

Ahhh....marital bliss.

We both agree that we've gained some weight since we've been married. I think it's because we're not used to eating such nice dinners every night (thank you, Me!). I'll spare you the rest of the excuses I have come up with because basically it comes down to the fact that I have no will power and I sit around on my ass for a lot of the day. When I was in Bath, I could eat soup for dinner or an English muffin with scrambled egg (i.e. breakfast muffin if you live in England). Wes' dinners would consist of white things: plain chicken, boiled potatoes, and risotto (made simply with water). I miss my all time favorite dinner in the US of roasted red pepper hummus and Triscuits. Healthy, yes?? In all fairness to me, the dinners I prepare are actually pretty healthy. The problem is portion control. I am not allowed to buy Honey Barbecue potato chips anymore.

We have only eaten dinner out once in the past 2.5 weeks. This is huge for us. We also haven't eaten beef or lamb during that time, mostly having chicken, salmon, and vegetarian dishes. I feel really good! I told him we should keep this up, but he seems to question my ability to do this. The problem is it's easy to do because I'm not working and I have time to cook, but if I start working that will make it much more difficult. So in the meantime I'm going to make a huge effort to cook healthier meals and I'll put my Cooking Light cookbook to good use! Oh, and I was at the gym for TWO HOURS today, so boo-yah!!!

*Note about red dress - I wore this to Lisa's wedding in 2007. It is still sitting crumpled in a ball waiting to be dry cleaned.


  1. This is your mother responding as I could not pass up the opportunity to give you advice on your overeating /lack of exercising situation. It's quite simple. Kids..have some..preferably two at a will no longer have time to prepare or consume luscious lengthy meals and the exercise you get from infants and toddlers is neverending. Wes will be able to share these benefits with you and you will make your mother gloriously happy. It's a simple win win situation!! Sincerely, mom.

  2. Er...sure...I'll suggest it to Wes. I'm sure he'll be ecstatic! You haven't seemed to factor in the excessive weight gain that will occur before the running around starts. Yikes.