Saturday, June 27, 2009

Downey Ayshin

Okay, technically it was the sea, not the ocean, but it was still lovely! At about 2pm I said to Wes, 'You know, we should have gone to the beach today!' Fortunately, the sun is out here until 10pm, so even though this sounds late, it actually wasn't too bad. We stopped to pick up some sunscreen and 2.5 hours later (seriously) we were in Seapoint. Public transportation isn't the greatest in Dublin, but we are fortunate that our LUAS line and the DART station actually meet up. We had never been to the beach in Seapoint and much to our surprise there was no sand, just grass. I was okay with this because sometimes sand can just be really annoying. There was a sea wall with a ramp that you could walk down to get in the water if you were a brave soul. I have to say, even if it were warmer, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to get in at a non-sandy area. It's very rocky with lots of seaweed and I just remember seeing this HUGE jellyfish in the water in Beara. I'm impressed that people will actually swim in water that is not clear at all. I am not one of those people. There were a lot of people enjoying the sun, but we got a spot on the grass and read our books for awhile. It was nice!

Million euro houses in Seapoint. Wes said we can't have one (I asked!) because we don't have a million euro and we don't have matching Mercedes. Details! Details!

Wes enjoying the beach bench. He did finally come and sit on the grass!

Me enjoying the beach.

There was a low fog hanging over Howth when we got there. I thought it was an island at first!

The new Lansdowne Road Rugby Football Stadium which is still in the construction process. The old one was demolished in 2007.

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