Monday, June 15, 2009


Being 'unwaged' (it sounds so much nicer than 'unemployed') means I can go to pilates for 6 euro per class. The regular drop in rate is 20 euro.

However, I'd rather be 'waged' and pay full price. :(

The other day Wes said, 'How did you get along today....doing whatever it is you do all day?' I resent that, Mister! Right, so I really don't do much all day. On the flip side, I feel bad when people ask me what's new there and I immediately make a reference to potential job leads. I'm not really sure how to define myself without my job and this makes me a little sad. I've heard other people say this is an American thing to do - define yourself by your job, but then that person was a mom, so that could be her alternate definition. My current definition is 'an unwaged, stay at home wife (no kids), with an unhealthy addiction to the internet, who would rather do anything but clean'. I need a new definition and I'm sure Wes would like that too!


  1. If it makes you feel better, I'm unwaged as well and there seems to be no hope in me finding a job. It's the pits. I'll raise a glass to you next time I feel like drinking during the day (which may be tomorrow.)

  2. I'm newly unwaged, so it hasn't come to that...yet. Perhaps this is why Wes keeps the whiskey on top of the cupboards and out of my reach!

  3. unwaged sounds a bit like an anti-war adjective. :) Nothing wrong with your title, by the way! :D

  4. Unwaged is a great way to describe it. And Glenn does the same thing Wes does. :P I've got a job lead, too. Hope springs eternal...