Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Wes and I went to Lausanne, Switzerland last week. He had a work conference and I went along on this one! We had a really nice time and look forward to going again, especially since it was only an hour and 45 minute flight. The weather was gorgeous the whole time. I think I got more sun in these 5 days than in the entire 2.5 years I lived in England.

Lausanne sits on Lake Geneva, just across from France, so everything is in French. Wes had french in high school and I took it through college, so we were able to make a go of it. My problem is I don't feel confident and even if I know the words, I'm afraid of putting them in the wrong order. Is it better to try and get it all wrong, or just ask if they speak English?? So, I stuck to the basics 'Bonjour!' 'Merci!' and nouns 'deux cafe au lait'.

Here are some pictures from the trip. I was a bit obsessed with the Alps. I just couldn't get enough of them! Sorry, but they're in no particular order.

Posh Hotels on the Ouchy (pronounced Oo-shay) waterfront.

I would never drive in this town if there were snow. It was WAY too hilly!

Sculptures with their original paint inside the Cathedral. It's the oldest cathedral in Switzerland.

Alps from the Cathedral

Alps and Lake Geneva

Looking east towards Lutry

Steep hill. The previous slippery road sign was at the top of this hill.

Le Cite (oldest part of the city) from the Cathedral

The Cathedral from Chateau Saint-Maire

Alps with low clouds from the Olympic Museum

On the Ouchy waterfront

Swiss boat on Lake Geneva with France in the background

One of the many fountains in the city

Boatyard in Ouchy

Gallery sign

View from the Cathedral

Low clouds hanging over the mountains. This was the view from our room.


Alps and Esplanade de Monbenon

It's hard to see, but there is another hairdresser further down in the picture. There was another one to the left of the picture. Lausanne seems to be the place to go for a haircut! There were tons of coiffures all over the city.

The Cathedral

Chateau Saint-Maire

Tour de l'Ale
There were city gardens next to our hotel.

Sunset from our hotel room

View from the front of our hotel. You can see the tram lines in this picture. Lausanne has a fabulous public transport system - trams, buses, metro, trains.

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