Friday, June 12, 2009


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of Farmleigh on my 365 blog and I said I was going to post more and I never got around to it. Oops. So, here are the pictures from that day. Farmleigh is, I think, one of Dublin's best kept secrets. It's clear up on the other side of Phoenix Park and not within walking distance from the city centre so you really have to want to go there. I noticed that most of the people there were Irish, which is unusual to see in Dublin!

Reviewing my pictures, I see that most are of flowers. I miss taking pictures of flowers. I didn't realize how many I saw when I was in Bath and how few I see in Dublin.

Gate to the residence for the US Ambassador to Ireland. The new ambassador is Dan Rooney! Woot! Go Steelers!!!! I told Wes I was going to stand outside waving my Terrible Towel. He wasn't too excited about this.

The back side of the Ambassador's residence. The house is in Phoenix Park and we passed it on the bus from Farmleigh.

Wisteria in the courtyard

Drive up to Farmleigh

The flowers were just gorgeous!


The Paddock

Our usual pose! Good thing Wes has long arms!

Farmleigh - not sure why I never took a picture straight on. Guess I was trying to be interesting.

Donkey and the Wicklow Mountains

The Courtyard

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