Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer harvest

You might remember that just as few short weeks ago I planted our garden. I am happy to report that just one month later it is time to harvest our bounty!

I mentioned to Wes yesterday that I needed to pick up some coriander (aka cilantro) for our dinner tonight. He was like, can we just use our plant? Uh, okay, sure! Yeah, I'm not so great with the edible garden. In fact, he asked me if it will grow more. I have no idea. Does anyone know?

Here is our harvest!

*Please note that leaves are MUCH smaller than they appear in this picture.*

I used it to make this cilantro lime rice for our taco salads. It was delicious!!! I feel like I should wax lyrical about the satisfaction of eating something that you've grown with your own hands. But really, it's coriander in a cup. There was no weeding. I didn't get sweaty or sunburned out in the garden. I just dribbled some water over it almost everyday. Maybe if it were a tomato or green beans or something I'd get more excited about it. I do know I'm happy about saving the euro I would have spent on a small pack of herbs, only to have 3/4 of it go bad after a couple of days!


  1. You've reminded me I really have to take control of the sage in my yard and dig up some potatoes... Though I don't like coriander at all, the plant is impressive!

  2. No need to brag that you can actually grow things larger than a cup! ;-)