Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Nuggets

1. Pretty sure my husband is ignoring me today. Who can blame him due to my INSANE PMS!? Even I hate me today!

2. Hopefully my extreme bitchiness doesn't affect our fancy date night at the burrito place. Three euro beers and fresh guac!

3. From the comfort of my couch I saw a girl wearing a puffy North Face jacket this morning. Should I be nervous about going outside? What the hell is the temperature out there??

4.  You'd think I'd be much more fashionable due to the insane amounts of 'What Not To Wear' I watch.

3. Liz is back on Monday. Thank god.


  1. High fives to PMS. We should get crunk on Monday night.

  2. If you're still awake! No need to push it for Monday night. We have every other night of the week too!