Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make your garden grow

Liz scored some free tickets to the Bloom garden festival held in Phoenix Park and was nice enough to invite her fellow unemployed friend to check it out. I'll let you in on a little secret - neither Liz or I have a garden. We don't even have balconies to have potted gardens. That didn't stop us from taking advantage of some complimentary tickets on a sunny day (see yesterday's post on the weather report). Even though we felt a bit like posers (especially in the garden furniture section) we managed to enjoy ourselves. No surprise that our favorite part was the food tent which was loaded with free samples. We tried sausage, fresh squeezed orange juice, chocolate, smoked salmon, strawberries (the best I've had outside of PA!), oh, and cheese. Lots of cheese. We each brought home some of this:

It's a garlicky delicious COWS cheese. The crossed out goat cracked me up, especially since I think goat's cheese is vile.

The festival is held in the visitor's centre of Phoenix Park where there is a walled garden. These beautiful flowers may have inspired me:

You see, I went ahead and planted our garden today.

The woman at Meadow & Byrne told me these actually work, so we shall see! For two euros it's worth a shot. They even had kits for tomato, pepper, and french bean plants. I'm a bit skeptical on those, but if this works I may branch out and try something a bit more adventurous!

Maybe my new blog theme will be gardening!


  1. That cheese is awesome. I gotta say it was a good day.

  2. I need one if those herb kits. I have a garden but I kill everything. Seeing as I'm out of work for the next while I think these would be an adequate endeavour. Also I'm jealous of the free chocolate and yummy goodies.

  3. Loving the garden theme! Hey, if you want, you can "remote" garden. I have space in my backyard, you tell me what to plant and I post you pictures. Kind of like sponsoring a guide dog, but less animals involved.

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