Thursday, June 3, 2010

I should have just gone back to bed!

This whole morning was a comedy of errors. I got my 4:45am wake up call to take my temperature and do one of those ovulation predictor kit thingies. Of course the smiley face appears on the day that Wes is going to Berlin for a few days. Great. Clearly I'm not worried about jinxing things (yes, I'm 35 years old) by mentioning it on here. At about 6am the cat decides to puke. She was nice enough to jump off the bed before doing this, so that's one good thing! Alarm goes off again at 7am so husband can get up to catch said flight to Berlin. In the process of me moving the pillows around I knock over the lamp. Oops. Then a glass tips over and shatters into about 100 pieces. Now I'm annoyed. So I have to get up at 7am to clean up wet, broken glass. As I was pushing the vacuum back to the bedroom, I stepped on the cord causing the vacuum to stop short and the handle jam into my abdomen. Hard. Pretty sure this has null and voided any progress the smiley face would have made! While I'm cleaning up the glass I step to the side in such a manner that I turn my ankle a bit. Then, as the husband is heading out the door he informs me the internet isn't working. What!? WHAT!??? I clearly have an addiction problem to the information super highway. I lasted 2.5 hours until I had to make contact with the outside world. Liz checked her working internet and got me my dealer's internet company's helpline. There was some national problem which had been fixed and you just needed to unplug and plug back in the modem. OHTHANKGOD!!!

By 11:30am the stars had realigned and all was well with the world again. I hope I can sleep soundly tonight (well, at least until 4:45am when it all starts again).

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  1. Oh, what a day!!

    RE OPK: You might still have a chance this month - the smiley face means you'll ovulate in the next 48 hours (If I remember correctly). I know what you're doing on Saturday... ;-)