Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Celebrity spotting!!!

Living in the Dublin city centre you'd think I see celebrities all the time. The truth is I probably do, but they're most likely Irish celebrities so I have no idea who they are.

However, today I saw my first real celebrity! I was walking down Leeson Street and who should walk past, but Bubbles (aka Andre Royo) from The Wire! How appropriate that my first celebrity should be from a show about Baltimore! Woot! The Irish Independent reported yesterday that Dominic West, who played Jimmy McNulty, was married in Limerick over the weekend and some cast members of The Wire were over for it.

And no, I didn't say anything to him. But, I decided if I happened across him again (Dublin is small like that), I would definitely say something. I spent the rest of my walk trying to come up with something, but no luck. Fortunately I didn't see him again so I didn't need to make an ass out of myself!

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