Wednesday, November 25, 2009

If you keep doing that, your face is going to stay that way!

I was riding the Luas home yesterday and per usual it was jammers. I didn't plan my seating properly at the beginning of my trip and ended up stuck in the middle of a car. I realized this one stop before mine, causing me to have momentary public transportation stress. Normally other people get off at the same time and the crowd loosens up, but yesterday at 3pm at Four Courts, I was the sole person alighting from the train (how British do I sound there!?). Anyways, squeezing myself through the people I sounded like this, 'Sorry, sorry, excuse me, I need to get off, thanks, thanks very much'. I know this doesn't seem odd, but I pronounced the word 'much' similar to the word 'mulch' minus the 'L'. Say that to yourself a couple of times. That's an Irish accent.

When you marry someone with a different accent than you, well, you make fun of each other a lot. My latest one is the way he pronounces 'calm' and if he says the word 'tarantula' to me one more time I'm going to buy him one for Christmas. Even I laughed at the way I pronounced that one. A few weeks ago it came out that the Irish accent beats French as the world's sexiest accent. This made me laugh because if you heard some of the Dubliners around here sex would be the last thing on your mind. Our front window is on the sidewalk so we hear a lot of people talking as they walk by and this gives us a lot of material for our comedy routines. Always a staple in the routine is 'fooks sake!' and of course I end it by saying 'tanks for coming!' Then I turn the TV to 3e (pronounced tree-E) to watch another episode of Father Ted or see what fil-em is playing.

Let this be a lesson to you! If you mock the way someone talks long enough you might just end up sounding like them yourself!


  1. My favorite is 'helicopter.' I pronounce it 'hell-uh-coptah' and the SJC pronounces it 'hellie-copter.' Hilarious.

  2. Baesil or basel anyone?
    Apparently my own accent has floated out to the mid-Atlantic but when I'm annoyed it sets itself right down in Ireland!

  3. I think Wes' Cork accent has mellowed quite a bit since I met him. It kicks up when he's talking to his parents or when we're in Cork.

  4. I love listening to different accents. Unfortunately I'm married to an American, so it's fairly boring around our house ;)

  5. We have the same issue/routine in our house except my husband just makes fun of Americans and the way we talk. He cracks up at the Midwest accent. I love watching Fr. Ted and poking fun at the stuff that comes out of their mouths.

    As for the sexiness of the accent, I couldn't agree more. Hang out in city centre on a Sat. afternoon at a bus stop and that will cure you of any longing you have for the "sexy" Irish accent.