Thursday, November 5, 2009

I totally stole this from Beth

Beth has been posting some commercials on her blog. For my friends and family in the US who don't get to see these commercials, I thought I would post my top three favorites. I had to do three, because I couldn't choose just one.

And Bob's your teapot! (makes me laugh every time!)

I'll never fit be able to fit into those! (Again...every time!)

This one isn't funny, I just love the music. I was even singing it in the shower this morning!


  1. I love these! The Maltesers ads are always so good. I laugh every time, like I somehow don't know what the punchline's going to be!

  2. I know! That Maltesers ad has been on for ages, but it's always funny!

  3. I think the song in that third commercial was also in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou.