Friday, November 20, 2009

Bye Bye!


Sorry to all you O fans out there, but I'm not one of them. The news this morning that she is going off the air did not bring me to tears. In fact, I was a kind of happy about it. She's not even going off the air until 2011. Did she announce it so far in advance so that we could all come to terms with it!? I do understand there will be many tears across middle America. Don't worry....I'm sure someone else out there will start a monthly magazine where they put their own picture on the cover every month!

Out of all her decades on the air, there are four shows that stick out to me.

1. I wouldn't normally count this one, but it was on just the other day and it has since scarred me for life. O was talking about how she's fallen off the wagon with her weight and she's started taking care of herself again. That's great! But then we had to watch her on an elliptical machine in a very low cut top. That wasn't great.

2. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS!!! All the screaming involved with that one. Ugh.

3. When she said that 'white people don't put paprika on their potato salad'. Seriously?? We do. I did see the episode where all the white ladies came parading down the aisle with their paprika-laden potato salad. Apology not accepted.

4. She was interviewing Beyonce and she asked her about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Beyonce said her job was to pour ice water in the glasses because she can't cook. Hilarious! Then O said, 'people up north wouldn't understand about having ice water on the table for Thanksgiving. It's a southern thang'. Seriously?? We drink water at Thanksgiving and not only are we from above the Mason Dixon line, we're east coast! I should have written in to ask her what she thinks the Yankees drink for Thanksgiving and to remind her she lives in Chicago. I don't recall if there was an apology for this statement, but if so, apology not accepted.

Oh, and one more thing....she's the reason for Dr Phil.

Au revoir!


  1. Wild applause! Unfortunately, I'm sure she'll show up elsewhere. Ack