Thursday, November 12, 2009

Honeymoon decisions

Between looking for a job and cleaning mold off our walls, I think about where the heck to go for our honeymoon. Yes, we were married in April and we still haven't gone on a honeymoon. With the cost of the wedding and my moving to Ireland we decided to hold off for when we'd have a bit more time and money. Wes wants to go to Italy. This is a GREAT idea! I'm totally on board for Italy. But what about Romania?? Or a Mediterranean cruise, we've never been on a cruise?? Or, ooo! Someplace warm and tropical!? We have considered every single country in the world and at this point, the only place vetoed is Canada. Sorry Canada. My only prerequisite is a spa. I want to hang out in a bathrobe. Wes said we could go to a spa in Kildare. I would like to go further than an hour away for our honeymoon. To further complicate matters Wes has signed up for the Boston Marathon which is April 19th. This is great since neither of us has ever been to Boston! The downside is that now 'Practical Kim' is on the scene. Yes, there is actually a practical side to me. Should we go to Boston for our honeymoon?? We could actually go to Cape Cod which would be lovely, but cold since it's April. On the plus side we would rent a car and I would be comfortable driving around. My internal conflict about spending our honeymoon in Massachusetts is 1.) I'm an east coast American who lives in Europe. Why am I going to the east coast of America for my honeymoon? and 2.) If we end up moving to America we could go to Boston any old time. It would be nice to go somewhere that we may not be able to go to again. Then we thought we could fly to say San Francisco or something and spend time in northern California, but the cost of internal US flights is ridiculous. We could just as easily (and probably more cheaply) fly from Dublin to somewhere on the Continent.


I'll go clean some mold now.


  1. decisions, decisions, decisions....

    If you are thinking of something in Europe, I highly recommend Berlin or Prague. Warm and tropical? Cabo San Lucas or Hawaii.

    Have fun planning!

  2. Decisions like this are fun to make! Personally I would go with warm and sunny over the Cape in April; brrr. February is pretty depressing here so you could hope down to the sun from here then? The Spas in Thailand are a million times better than anything in Europe as far as service and sunshine go.

  3. As someone from Boston, I don't recommend Boston or Cape Cod in April for a honeymoon -- and I love my city. But that just wouldn't be right. Trust me.

  4. Thanks everyone! I think we're strongly leaning towards Italy and we'll probably go in June. Angela, pretty much everyone vetoed Boston! C, I would love to go to Hawaii, I just don't think it's in the cards for us this year. Maybe an anniversary trip! :)