Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, kind of. We don't have the boxes yet, so I've been washing clothes and anything else that fits in the washing machine. My computer backpack is in there right now. We'll see how that turns out! I've made a pile of books that I'll attempt to sell back to the book store. I found some of my favorite all-time pens (Pentel RSVPs), my beloved Sharpie that had disappeared, and a Deutsche mark. I have no idea where that came from, but it looks like a quarter, so I imagine it was slipped to me accidentally at some point! I've been going through a lot of paperwork I've collected, mainly over the years in the UK - pay stubs, bank statements, etc. Most of what I've gone through is the paperwork I filed from when I moved to the UK almost 5 years ago. I found my student visa application, acceptance letter from Bath Spa, and all the accompanying loan information. I had a big file of stuff for the house and of course the cat's paperwork. It made me sad seeing all of Obie's info and knowing he's not going back.

Except for the cat, it has been fun remembering back to that time when I was wrapping things up and getting ready to start my new adventures in the UK. My plan was to stay for two years and it ended up being almost 5 years that I've been out of the US. It's going to be weird living there again. A lot has changed, but the biggest changes have probably been to me. In some ways I'm scared of myself and how I will adapt to life in the US again. It's different for my husband since it will all be new to him. I can't wait until he complains about light switches, faucets, and grocery shopping in a new country! In my previous post, Fran asked if I will be blogging once I leave Ireland. I'm planning on it as I'm sure I'll have lots to say about repatriating! The best part about this new adventure is I get to do it all with my partner in crime!


  1. although I love living in the UK a little part of me is jealous that you're moving back!

  2. This makes me sad, but also happy. Yay for moving back! And double yay for finding a beloved Sharpie!

  3. Repatriating is bittersweet. Do your best to enjoy the time you've got left there (when does Wes stop working?). I'm still not fully readjusted - I don't know if one ever really does in some ways. But I'm ok with that! :D