Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good times at Busaras

We're headed up to Belfast* in a few days as Wes is running in the marathon. I stopped in at Busaras (aka the bus station) to see about getting tickets. The 13 year old boy wearing his dad's suit who was working at the ticket counter pointed me in the direction of the ticket machines since I wanted to use my debit card. I went to the ticket machine and bought advance tickets to Belfast, easy peasy. The tickets say, 'Belfast 801A'. I decide, hey, I should pick up a timetable so we know when to go! I'm looking through the rack of timetables and I don't see 801A. Then I realize that I should just look for Dublin-Belfast because the numbers don't match up. Found it! The bus goes hourly. Cool! But wait! The timetable says the service numbers are 200, 240, and 001. Our tickets says 801A. No problem, I'll ask at information to get this cleared up.

Me: Hi. I just bought these tickets to Belfast. The service number on the ticket says 801A, but that doesn't match the service numbers on the timetable.

Him: Oh, sure, that's okay. The service numbers don't mean anything. You can get on any of the Belfast routes.

Me (in my mind): That is so Irish.

*Here is a public service announcement for people interested in travelling from Dublin to Belfast: the train takes the same amount of time as the coach bus and it is double the price. Just get the bus!

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