Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebrity Sighting! Well, kind of.

Of ALL the football presenters in the world, we had to walk past Setanta's Pat Dolan yesterday.

Wes: 'That's Fat Pat.'
Me: 'Who?'
Wes: 'Fat Pat!'
Me: 'Who?'
Wes: 'He's a football presenter.'
Me (I'm now at a complete stop, staring at him from about 20 ft away): 'Oh yeah! He's the one that talks a lot of crap against Liverpool, right?'
Wes: 'That's the one!'

Man! Why couldn't it have been Alan Hansen from BBC's Match of the Day!??

He's McDreamy!!! Apparently I would have had to wait my turn to have a picture with him. Wes would have elbowed me out of the way - Alan Hansen is one of the greatest Liverpool players of all time.

And he has gorgeous eyes.