Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty sure Hollywood isn't making a movie about this Ireland!

Yeah, these events aren't going to make it into any travel guides.....

I was walking along Nassau Street and heard this parade before I saw it.

Why? They had a band and everyone was singing a song about 'Free the Weed'. Catchy, no? This article was printed in the Irish Times today, so it didn't take me long to make the connection.  Chalk head shops as one of those 'really strange things to find in a Catholic country.' Fortunately, my day-to-day is not affected by this bit of legislation. Now, if something were legislation to close Marks and Spencer's Food Hall, I may have to hit the streets in protest, singing a song about freeing Percy Pig!

Wes sent me this picture today. You may need to click on it to read it.

I didn't take this picture, and I don't know who did to properly acknowledge them.

This banner was hung up in front of the now propped up Anglo Irish Bank* as a way of thanking them for bankrupting the country. I thought for sure it was photo shopped, but he said this is the real deal and in fact it's been done in the past. Not sure if it's better to be listed as a 'Traitor' or a 'Waster'. It's definitely not good times when the leader of your country is in the 'Traitor' category! I'll never know though....I'm one of the heros (sic)!

*I highly recommend reading this Wikipedia entry. I know, I know, you can't trust the validity of Wikipedia, but this is pretty accurate and it does give you a good background as to what happened.


  1. To be fair , if Hollywood are prepared to make yet another Robin Hood movie, with Russell Crowe of all people, I wouldn't put it past them!!

  2. Warms the cockles of my heart to see marches, we may not agree but at least they're trying to do something. personally I think closing the shops just scoots kids back over to the non-friendly dealers but let's see what happens!