Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh Ireland....what are you doing???

News broke today that Ireland's EBS Building Society has failed and is now controlled by the government. You can read about that here. Yeah, okay, that sucks but it's happened to banks all over the world in this recession. What puts Ireland ahead of the rest is that former non-executive director of EBS, Cathal Magee, Chair of the Risk Committee and sat on the Credit Committee, you know, the two committees who should be monitoring the state of the bank and ensuring that failure doesn't occur (not to mention he has also been accused of some alleged dodgy dealings in commercial property lending), was HEADHUNTED to become the Chief of the Health Service Executive. The HSE has the largest public budget and for comparison sake is the NHS of Ireland. Oh, and he's going to be paid a salary of €322,000, which is €100,000 more than the Taoiseach makes.

Pardon my language, but un-fucking-believable.


  1. You have to wonder if there is any common sense at all left in this country.

  2. Oh lordy! I'm pretty crap at my job - can I come to Ireland and be paid way too much money to mess up your country too? That sounds awesome.