Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who invented volcanoes anyway!??

I'm sitting here waiting to find out if our flight to Boston is cancelled tomorrow (it's not looking good), so I figured I'd try to take my mind off of it and update my food blog. Sorry they're so chickeny, but we love chicken!

Roasted ratatouille chicken


Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breasts


  1. Damn volcano! My OH is on the other side waiting to find out if his is taking off and heading to the UK tomorrow! Like you said... doesn't look good!

  2. I talked to my man on the inside who tells me that Ireland - Boston shouldn't be affected by this volcano - you should be good to go!
    Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  3. If they open the airport, we'll definitely go as Europe is worse off. The problem is the airspace is closed. Even if it doesn't open until Sunday, we'll still go.

    Lindy, I think the UK is definitely worse off than we are. Fingers crossed your OH can make it home!

  4. Stupid volcanoes. I never liked 'em, especially after that dumb Tom Hanks movie from the 80s. I hope everything works out, K!

  5. Argh! I came to read your blog to take my mind off the volcano and the liklihood that I won't be flying tomorrow!!
    Fingers crossed we both get to go!

  6. Cross your fingers! Seems like flying West if less affected- though you might have to drive to Shannon first! Hope you get off-island!