Thursday, April 8, 2010

What have I been up to....hmmmm.....

I know you're all dying to find out!

First off, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of KD and Meg's little ones! Can't wait to meet them! 

On Thursday of last week, Little Kitty hissed at me when I tried petting her back. This set off a series of events, the main one being that she was pulling up her back right leg and limping around. We left it all day Friday to see if it got better, but it seemed worse so I made an appointment at the vet on Saturday. The vet decided it could either be a soft tissue injury or, worst case scenario, a broken pelvis. The treatment for both was the same, rest and anti-inflammatories. Fortunately, her favorite past time is resting and our flat is a human-sized crate (no stairs, no outside, etc), so treatment was fairly easy. We got her some cat ibuprofen and were sent on our way. Tuesday we went back for a follow up. Her leg was about the same, but now we were having her blood tested for liver and kidney function, she's on medication for dermatitis, and it was suggested we get her thyroid tested. Perhaps we made the mistake of wearing our jackets decorated with euro signs???  Since the treatment for the leg was the same regardless of the diagnosis, I decided not to have her x-rayed. She's an oldie (but goody!) and the anesthesia would have been hard on her. I also rejected the thyroid test, because other than the possibility of a slight heart murmmer, she had no symptoms of hypothyroidism. Anyway, today is Thursday and she's back to doing this:


And this:

This is actually at my parent's house. I don't have a recent bag picture of her.

WHEW!!! What a relief! This was all even more stressful because we're leaving for Boston next week! Wes is running in the marathon and right now we are praying for cool temps. It's crazy hot there right now and it's fair to say that he hasn't had the opportunity to train in 90 degree temps this winter. After the 19th it can warm back up, but 75 degrees would be about as high as I'd like it to get. My parents are coming up for the week as well, so it should be fun! Also, Liz is going to be back in Boston for the week (it is Patriot's Day you know!), so she'll be taking us to all the hot spots (i.e. best places for pizza, beer, and chowdah).

Yesterday I decided to start doing my taxes. Holy crap it's hard when you have a US rental property, you're married, and you happen to be married to a foreigner. Fortunately, when you file from overseas  you actually don't have to file until June 1st, but I'd like to get them over and done with before we go to Boston. I was on the phone with the IRS for about 30 minutes (20 of that on hold). I'm fairly certain they get jazzed when they get to quote you an act, article, or form number. I had a lot of those thrown at me and it started to feel more gratuitous than helpful. In the end I had to call another expat friend to find out how they do it.

And of course I've been annoying Wes with my new favorite advert. I like to imitate the old man.

I've also cooked some pretty tasty things lately and I hope to update my food blog in the next day or so.

Oh, and I think I've discovered moth larvae in our bedroom. Gross, right!? Does anyone know of a way to get rid of them, other than mothballs? I'm not keen on smelling like my great-grandparent's closet. If only mold was a deterrent. We'd be in business!

That's about it! Still awake??


  1. Thanks for the love!!

    I'm glad your kitty is on the mend and I hope you have a fabulous time in Boston :-D

  2. Hank can't wait to meet you, either, Auntie Kim! Have fun in Boston and have a Sam Adams for me :) Liz will lead the way.

  3. Hank the Tank!!! I promise not to teach him how to chug a beer!

  4. Well at least not in the first year ;) And definitely no streaking!!