Monday, April 12, 2010

Greystones to Bray Cliff Walk

The weather was GORGEOUS this weekend and we definitely tried to take advantage of it. We got ourselves out of bed early on Sunday, threw on some sunscreen (yes, SUNSCREEN!) and headed down to Greystones to do the cliff walk back to Bray. Neither of us had ever been to Greystones and our impression was that it was a quiet, residential area with coffee shops and posh clothing shops dotted in here and there. I loved it! Here are a few photos from the day:

Yeah, this is how it started. We had to walk through a construction site. The views weren't great, to say the least.

Ahh...we finally got out of the construction site, only to be greeted by a sign that said the walkway was closed due to landslides. A woman was coming from the other direction so I asked her if she walked from Bray. She said yes, she looked at the sign, and was like right, this is Ireland so you don't know which signs to believe. Yep, this is Ireland. We headed on our way and we could see where the cliff had recently slid down. Fortunately, they've made it safe for pedestrians, as you can see in this picture. 

This fence was floating in the air.

The views were amazing! You can see the train tunnel in the side of this cliff.

This plant is called, 'Gorse' and it's everywhere. 

Looking back towards Greystones.

The water was so clear. Wes said it was like the Mediterranean and I laughed and laughed at that crazy talk.

Look back towards the cliffs with the train tunnel. We waited and waited for a train to come through a tunnel and one never came. That would have been the money shot!

Our obligatory shot! This might be our best one yet!

Then I asked one of the one million other people on the cliff to take our picture for us. Please notice no jackets, hats, or scarves! Huzzah!!!

The end is in sight! Ahhh...the Bates Motel! No, we didn't stay in this scary place, we walked up the strand to the Porterhouse and had a few pints. Perfect end to the perfect day!

*If you're thinking about doing this walk, here are a few observations. The walk is about 3 miles long, so not too bad. It's uphill to start, flattens out with some undulating hills, then it's downhill at the end. All sorts of people were walking it in all sorts of footwear (including sparkly flats). Even though it's been dry here for a few days there are still some places where it's muddy due to springs in the side of the cliff. I wore sneakers (trainers, tennis shoes, whatever) and I was fine. I could see it being muddy and gross though. There are some crazy steps and it's very rocky, so definitely NOT stroller friendly, even though some idiots people tried. 

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