Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some things are getting on my nerves

  • I haven't blogged in awhile mainly because things are pretty boring around here right now.
  • The mold in the living room is worse. Moving the dehumidifier in here didn't help at all, so it's back in the bedroom where it does actually help. This particular wall is concrete and it looks awful. It's clear the landlord just had someone paint over the mold because you can see it under the paint. You can also see the moisture on the wall. I cleaned off the mold, but the stuff under the paint remains. It's to the point that I'm too embarrassed to have people around now. I'm pretty sure that turning the heat on will help, but we're cheapskates and heat is mega expensive.
  • When someone on the expat forum I frequent is approved for their spousal visa some people congratulate them by saying, 'Welcome home!'. I know they are just trying to be cutesy and nice, but I think it's annoying.
  • I'm going to the post office today to send off my Christmas cards and holy crap it's going to be expensive! At 82 (cents, pence, whatever they call it here) per card and I have about 50 cards, it's going to be ridiculous! I had to assure Wes this is the last year I'm doing Christmas cards. Sorry family and friends!
  • The 2010 budget for Ireland came out yesterday and there was no line item in it stating that we would have jobs available to us next year. A little more clarity would be nice! That means more waiting...hrmph!
It's only 11:20am, so I'm sure there will be more later!


  1. Welcome home? Fuck that noise.

  2. Walking down Henry Street in Dublin at Christmas time can suck the spirit out of you in an instant!

  3. Welcome Home.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That annoys me also.