Thursday, December 10, 2009

All I had to do was leave the flat...

and the list continues! More things that get on my nerves:
  • Dublin drivers - they're freakin' maniacs! It's pretty sad that I don't even drive here and I'm scared of them!
  • You can't buy postage with your debit card over the counter. I knew this ahead of time because I tried it a couple of weeks ago. I also knew that the ATM in the shop with the post office was out of service that day and I didn't know if it had since been fixed. So I thought ahead and went to a different shop to use their ATM first. They have gotten rid of their ATM. And the ATM in the shop with the post office still isn't fixed.
  • Christmas postage stamps only come in the old school lick-to-stick version. I got to lick 63 stamps. If only ONE person appreciates that their Christmas card has a Christmas stamp instead of the regular adhesive kind that will make my day.
  • Nosy people in the supermarket check out line. No, it's not my milk or veg or ice cream that has made that big wet spot on the belt. Thanks for touching all over my stuff.
Things that do not get on my nerves:
  • Half price Ben and Jerry's at Dunnes.


  1. Ha ha!! Did you buy the Ben & Jerry's? mmmmmm!!

  2. I think it's all worth it for the Ben&Jerry's. IF it's Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

  3. Hells yeah it is! I tried to be good and get the low fat. Wes isn't too happy about that.