Thursday, August 6, 2009

Water, water everywhere....

To say we have a damp problem in our bedroom would be an understatement. This has kept it from being the romantic abode it is supposed to be....well, this and the fact that since it's the largest room we have, it seems to be a dumping ground in our lunchbox-sized apartment. I've lived in damp countries now for 3 years so I have a pretty good understanding how much damp I'm willing to live with and when it's all just gone too far.

It all came to a head when I got back from the US and thought things smelled a little funky in there. Is it the 3 weeks of laundry still in the bin?? Potentially, yes, but not the sole culprit of the funk. I sniffed it out, literally, and it was a pair of my shoes that was now growing a colony of fungus on it. Fortunately, it was an old pair that I was just waiting for the perfect excuse to throw away. Well, I got it. Unfortunately this wasn't the only pair, but the others were able to be salvaged (except the high top sneaker slippers! Doh!). I went online and found out that tea tree oil is a natural way to get rid of fungus. So yesterday I cleaned the heck out of our bedroom and went crazy with the spray bottle. Then today Wes picked up THIS!

Wes said I've never been so excited about anything he's ever bought me. Not true...this got me pretty excited!

He isn't as excited about this purchase as I am because removing humidity from your home is not cheap. But I pointed out that it is cheaper than moving!


  1. hi,

    not freak you out but we had mold in our shoes and we seriously had to move. it just kept coming back! and now, new moldy shoes! we did the whole dehumidifer, mold spray, best of luck to you - i didn't try the tea tree oil, so hopefully that is the best solution!

    p.s. i'm an american in dublin so i know how freaking weird this is too!

  2. Thanks Joanne. The dehumidifier seems to be doing the trick! I cleaned up all the mold (which was thankfully green, not black) and so far, so good in the bedroom.