Friday, August 28, 2009

Short trip to Cork

Wes and I flew to Cork to meet up with the folks for a few days. They were driving down from Galway on Monday after a few days out there. We stayed at Atlantic House in Myrtleville, just a couple of miles from Wes' parents in Crosshaven. It is a beautiful house and of course since we got there first we got the best room! This was great until the night we had a really bad storm. It sounded like we were going to break off into the Atlantic. Here are a few pictures from the week and there are a few more on my 365 blog. The vacation was too short as usual!

The view from our room

Musicians at the Farmer's Market in Kinsale

Charles Fort, Kinsale

Uncle Jim at Midleton's

Uncle Jim doing the whisky tasting at the end of the tour

The visitors at Atlantic House

Wes and I at Atlantic House

Views from the house towards Fountainstown, Co. Cork

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