Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little bit of 'America' in Dublin

Don't worry, I'm well aware that IKEA is not an American company. However, all of my previous experience in this store has been in the US (except once at the one in Bristol, England which also induced this feeling). When I lived in Baltimore, there were three, yes, THREE IKEAs within easy driving distance to my house. I would drive past the one in White Marsh on my way to work, so I would stop there all. the. time. They finally opened the store in Dublin, so Wes and I went there to check it out last night.

We heard about the ridiculous crowds there the first weekend it opened and I have to say that going on a weeknight was a good idea. It was busy, but not crazy. After a 50 minute bus ride which can only be compared to 'Mr Toad's Wild Ride', with glimpses of the big blue building through the projects, we finally reached the Mecca.

I'm fairly certain the IKEA in White Marsh doesn't have a large, metal security fence around it.

First things first, we got some Swedish meatballs. All my trips to IKEA and I've never actually eaten there. We both got the meatballs, a dessert, and drink all for under 16 euro. I think Wes will be taking me there for any further date nights we have.

Then we wandered around the Showroom. I typically bypass this section and go straight to the Marketplace, but since Wes had never been, I figured we should have a look around. Primarily we just ooo'd and ahhhh'd over the kitchens and the size of the refrigerators. It seemed to go on forever, but we finally made it to the Marketplace. This...this is where I felt just like I was in the US. They don't really change up the floor plan there, do they? What kept me grounded in Ireland was the realization that I didn't have a cart with me because I didn't have my car out in the parking lot to pack full of goodies. It was all about what we could carry home from the bus stop! In the end, we picked up a whisk and a nightstand for my side of the bed. Wes got himself a hot dog for 1 euro. He was very impressed with the availability of food both before and after the shopping experience.

Here is my new nightstand!

And I thought I was done with flat pack. :-(

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