Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mom and I were watching 'Ghost Hunters International' this evening. Ghost Hunters is on for 4 hours on Wednesday nights on 'SyFy' (if someone can explain why the new spelling, it would be appreciated) and the ritual is my dad falls asleep in the chair during hour 2 (ca. 8:30pm) leaving my mom to watch them all. Dads don't like it when you try to turn the channel during their sleep time. I learned this at a young age when he would 'watch' boxing. Anyway, she reminded me of this story I posted on my old blog in June 2007. Wes and I were staying at a B&B in Dublin when he first moved over for his job. It was pretty creepy and my recount doesn't really do it justice!

Right, so I have to relate a story from the b&b we stayed in on Friday night. Wes wasn't able to move into his new place until Saturday, so we had to stay in a b&b on Friday night. Fine. It was the last room they had available and we'd have to share a bathroom. No problem. So at around 4:30am we hear our neighbors go into the bathroom. We know this because it was right across the hall from our room and it was really noisy when you opened, closed, and locked the door. I ignore it and go back to sleep. Then I start to wake up because now our neighbors are making a lot of noise, using the bathroom a couple of times, slamming drawers in their room, and such. Wes makes a comment about what the heck are they doing, I kind of ignore it (even though it's super loud), then it sounds like something falls and crashes in the room. This startles me and now I'm awake. So we lay there and listen to what's going on and while we (or should I say I) consider Wes going over to say something. I'm a little freaked in case they're drunk and clearly belligerent. It finally stops, but then there's this clicking noise that now is so loud it could be coming from in our room, but it's not. Wes, who has stayed in this hotel earlier this week, informs me this is a timer on the irons provided by the hotel, to keep people from leaving the iron on all day by accident. Eventually the clicking stops and there's silence. I'm relieved and go back to sleep. Then in the morning, Wes wonders out loud, half joking, if it could have been poltergeists. Well, now I'm freaked! I'm glad he didn't suggest this while it was all going on! Those of you who know me well, know that yes, I believe in ghosts. So, with my TAPS training from watching Ghosthunters, I know our role is to debunk the potential haunting, and we rehash the events from the night before. I was convinced the noise was coming from the room towards the foot of our bed. He was convinced it was coming from behind our heads. Our room had two drawers in it, total, and they were desk drawers. Literally, this person would have had to slam their drawers about 20 times, over and over, to get the effect of what we heard. While there were all kinds of slamming and footsteps going on, there was no yelling. We never heard anyone's voice. I have no idea what piece of furniture could have crashed down as hotel furniture is always bolted down. Who irons at 4:30 in the morning and doesn't turn the timer off so the very loud clicking would stop and allow them to go to sleep??? So, I'm intrigued to get a look at the person in the room next to us to see who could have potentially been making all this noise. We were going down to breakfast and this girl happens to open the door at the same time we're leaving. She looks like she's about 28, weighs about 115 pounds soaking wet, and looks like she could have been in town for a wedding or something. Nothing out of the ordinary there! Of course we don't say anything to her and she kind of looks at us, but doesn't say anything to us either. You be the judge, but Wes and I are pretty convinced that hotel is haunted!


  1. If there's anything I learned from Ghost Hunters, it's that everything is haunted. I love that show so effing much.

  2. Ha ha! Good job! Thanks for coming!

  3. Wes, you forgot to say how we bump fists when we say that!

    We're very cool.