Saturday, August 27, 2011


Just when I was getting the hang of what size I was in the UK and Europe, we moved. That's right, it only took 5 years. Now that we're in the US, I was falling back on my fail-safe knowledge of 8 US=12 UK, 10 US=14 UK, etc. I hit the shops and everything is in S/M/L. What the heck?? A large can be anything from a US 10-14!  I think the only garment that still uses proper sizing is trousers. Not to mention it makes it a little difficult when you want to order something online. Personally, I find the European sizing charts the most accurate when it comes to clothing and shoes. A UK 14 could range anywhere from a European 38-42, which is a huge difference.

Has anyone else noticed this about the US? Is this a new thing that I missed while I was away? Is it because we're all fatties and seeing a number might make us feel bad? Personally, I'd just like to have proper fitting clothes!


  1. Um, yes, it's because we're all fatties. The standard size measurements have been going up (my mom is a technical designer and makes sure clothes right). A US size 8 today is a bit bigger than a few years ago. AND it seems like every freakin' store has their own standards. I still have a a few stores that are my favorites because I wear a smaller size. What? I like stores that tell me I'm thinner then I actually am. But it is frustrating, and I pretty much don't buy clothes online because I hate returning things that don't fit right.

  2. I second annoyed army wife. There are certain stores that I go into and the size I KNOW that fits me in another store in pants, I can't get them past my thighs! I have noticed over the last year places using S/M/L but places like Walmart still have on the hanger like S (xxx) and then a number range for it.

  3. I'm well aware of vanity-sizing (and take full advantage of it when it works in my favor), but this S/M/L thing has me flummoxed!

  4. I love vanity sizing! Yay! I think also the s/m/l thing might have to do with keeping costs down too.... A company will only have to make 3 different sizes as opposed to seven, eight or more, so it probably saves them a bundle! Cleverclogs

  5. I would love if US sizes were based on actual measurements THAT would help me tremendously. That would never happen!

    All my blouses, dresses and pants from the US have a number. BUT most of my knitwear (sweaters/sweats/tee shirts)are "M". I think that depends where you shop and I agree it probably has a lot to do with cost.