Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just some observations

  • Why do people wear visors during their class at the gym? The lights are really not that bright in there. 
  • Pricks in Porsches who think they deserve to park in the 'No Parking' spot. Don't be that stereotype.
  • Nothing like a good anime convention to bring out all the freaks. Wes saw a ninja in the Inner Harbor.
  • You can't buy anything at a store without a 5 minute promo from the sales person. What is your email address? What is your phone number? Do you want two free issues of this magazine? If you open a credit card today you'll save 15%. There is a survey at the end of your 3 foot long receipt. Take it and save $5. Do you want to donate money to this good cause? It's all very annoying.
  • I think our neighbor is actively avoiding me. Wes thinks I'm paranoid, but I know avoidance when I see it! She was walking towards me with her dog and she turned around and went back to the park before I got too close. Okey doke!
  • A dill pickle served with a sandwich will never get old. I will never take it for granted again!


  1. Do you want to donate money to this cause - um, yeah. Last time I was in the drug store they asked me if I wanted to support the troops and I said, 'Nope.' Everyone within earshot looked at me like I had 3 heads. Then I added I was married to one and I support him plenty so no one would slash my tires in our hillbilly town. And why do people wear visors at all? It's just a look I can never pull off.

  2. Right!? You end up feeling like a total tool if you don't donate and you have to announce your justification to the world.

    And as for the visors, if you're not on the golf course or tennis courts, leave it at home.

  3. You had to mention dill pickles, didn't you? *silently sobs in her beer*

  4. I was in one of those party supply stores and they asked me for a phone number. I declined and they told me they couldn't actually cash me out without one. So I walked.

    I've always wanted to make some comment like, " chip in for a really nice coffin?" when someone asks me to support the troops.