Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guest bedroom - decorating opinions

We're having a house guest from Ireland coming in November. Yahoo! Before I moved I had a lovely guest room, even if the walls were a bit, um, bright. What can I say, I love yellow! Before my last tenant moved in I had the house painted, so now the walls are all a builder's off-white. I'd like to paint the room and get some furniture for it again. Get this, I had a little glass side table next to the bed. Well, I have the frame, but I can't find the piece of glass that goes on top. I've searched everywhere and no luck. The frame was in storage and presumably the top went in there too. What the heck?? Anyway, I think I can get a piece of glass from the shop where I bought it and it shouldn't be too expensive. I have a bed (black brushed metal headboard), but I'd like to get some sort of small armoire/drawers for the room as well.

My question is, what color should I paint the walls? Here is a picture of the bedding:

There are two windows in the room, so it's quite bright. The carpet is a light oatmeal color. There are white faux wood slat blinds on the windows and I have white gauzy curtains that go on black rods and fall to the floor with black metal pull backs. All the trim and doors are white. I was thinking of a tan/light khaki type color, but I need opinions!


  1. I have tan walls and white blinds in my guest room/office.I painted one wall vivid red.

    You can see it here

    I have different bedding now, stripes. Still lovin' the wall color :)

  2. Hmmm...I hadn't thought about an accent wall. I don't think I'll do that in this room, but I'll keep that in mind for the living room and kitchen. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I've got a tan/khaki on my bedroom walls with white trim. Hmmm. Maybe it's more a sand color? My curtains are currently aqua and it makes me think of the beach and ocean. Tan is not normally a color I'd choose but since my landlady did, I'm stuck with it and I have to say, I like it.

  4. How fun that you're going to have visitors already!!

    The bedding is pretty. I would try to aim for the green of the stems in the floral of the sheets.

    Let us know what you decide!

  5. Meg, maybe I can look for some green accents to bring into the room. That's a good idea.

    Caryn, I'm really leaning towards the tan color. I really like it as a wall color, plus I think it will help tone down the brightness of this bedding. And, if I switch out the bedding one day it's neutral enough I won't have to repaint! I just need to be careful not to pick one with pink undertones or it will end up looking like the walls are pink. A fine example of this can be seen in the bathroom. :P