Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wash, rinse, repeat

Things are pretty lame around here and I've lost my blogging mojo.
  • The batteries in my camera are dead and I keep forgetting to buy new ones. That's why there are no photo project updates. 
  • My birthday was on Saturday and the weather was crap which meant no nice, long walk this weekend. 
  • Wes made me Toad in the Hole for my birthday dinner and it was fantabulous! 
  • I got a voucher for a facial and massage. Woot!
  • I actually stayed awake for the whole Super Bowl. That means I went to bed at 3am! I felt like a rock star. It required large quantities of Coke Zero.
  • I've discovered 'Project Runway'.  
  • I spend my days hitting the refresh button on the higher ed jobs website and sending things to Wes.
Anyone still awake? See? Dullsville. Hopefully things will get more exciting soon! 


  1. I'm impressed you pulled an all-nighter for the Superbowl! Fair play to you.
    And isn't Project Runway amazing? Are you watching it on Sky One or do you get the good channels that show it as a marathon?

  2. Just on Sky One. It's totally amazing. I love Tim Gunn!

  3. Oooh, have you looked into the Society for Research in Higher Education (I always say their name in my poshest voice, ahem, anyway)? I went to a "New Researcher" conference they put on and there were LOTS of people from Ireland/Dublin/places other than London. It might be a place to look around at as I think they have a jobs section of their website, or you could at least have a look at the sorts of "new" people there are in the industry right now.
    I feel you on the batteries; it took me about four weeks to remember to buy matches during a shopping run (as opposed to just as I left the shop, or just before I went in and then promptly forgot again).

  4. I hadn't heard of that one! Thanks for the tip, Jennie!

    Oh, and I managed to remember to get batteries today. Score!