Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I can't move without missing random things....

Yeah, friends and family blah blah. Of course I'll miss them! That's a given. When I move I'm all about missing random things that I can't email or talk to on the phone. For example, when I left the US I missed my car desperately. I didn't just miss having a car, I missed my car. Fortunately a friend bought it from me, so I could get updates on how it was doing. In no particular order, here are the things I'll miss:

1. The BBC - BBC America is nothing like the real thing. Where will I see shows about the history of coach travel and the history of camping in England? Or the BBC Proms? BBC America doesn't show Saturday Kitchen Live, Something for the Weekend, Countryfile, or Coast. Hrmph.

2. Not having to actively seek out foods that don't contain high fructose corn syrup - They don't put that nasty crap in anything over here and well, that's awesome. I know when I buy a loaf of whole wheat bread that it's not going to taste sweet. I feel we'll be buying a lot of bread until we find one that we like.I may even need to invest in a bread maker.

3. The pub - This one is a biggie. It's not that I'm some sort of an alcoholic, but 'going to the pub' in Ireland is a lot different than 'going to a bar' in the US. It's about more than the drink. In a country with tons of rain, it's a cozy and warm place to get out of the elements for a bit. If the pub is a bit older, there's a good chance it has a snug, which is really the best seat in the house. It's about meeting up with friends to watch the rugby and cheer Ireland on, hearing people say, 'Come on, Lads!' or 'Come on, Ireland!'. I love that. Wes will remind me that a true Irish pub has no food, no TVs, and no music. There is nothing better than going for a long walk, then popping into a pub for a pint before heading home.

4. Scones - People will tell me I can find good scones in America, but well, they're a pretty British thing so I'm fairly certain they make them better over here. I'm gonna need a good scone recipe. 

5. Random women (usually store clerks) calling me, 'Pet'. - This is a totally Irish thing. My friend's mom was the first person to call me 'Pet' and I thought it was pretty sweet. Sometimes they'll call you, 'Petal'. I'd say it's like when someone in Britain calls you, 'Love', but it's nothing like that actually. I've had men call me, 'Love' and it wasn't always in the nicest context. In fact, it sometimes felt downright demeaning.

6. Telling people I live in Ireland and them thinking it's totally cool - That's right, I just want people to think I'm cool all the time! Sometimes living in Ireland is the only 'cool' thing about me! However, this one is a double-edged sword. Once they profess the coolness of living in Ireland, they then ask me how magnificent I must think it is to live in Ireland. I hate that question more than anything. I remind them that living somewhere is always different than vacationing there and it's tough times in Ireland right now. But, I will always encourage them to come here on vacation! 

That's it for right now. I know there are going to be more and I reserve the right to add to this list!


  1. This is a great list! Two thumbs up from me.
    How do you feel about trading scones for muffins?

  2. I can help you with the first one! Get a UK IP address! We pay about $80 or so a year for one, totally worth it, and you can watch everything online. I can't miss my trashy UK shows, so it is totally worth it!

  3. Liz - I don't feel good about that at all. The US definitely has superior muffins, but I want scones!

    Andrea - That's a GREAT idea! I think I could probably even convince Wes to get one! Thanks for the tip!

  4. so that's why the wholemeal bread in the US is sweet! LOL I didn't know that- always wondered why i found it disgusting!

  5. I buy Nature's Own bread, which doesn't have high fructose corn syrup. I think Nature's Pride is also free of the stuff.

  6. Kim, we'll miss you as much as you'll miss pubs, scones, BBC, etc.!

    Scones aren't that hard to make, though. I use a combination recipe - I combine bits from Delia's recipe and a Constance Spry recipe I have in an old cookbook of my mother's. Same with bread. It's actually really fun to make. No bread maker here because quick-baked bread gives me indigestion. It's much better if you can let the yeast do its thing over time. Again, Delia's a good source for a basic bread recipe.

    I've been called 'petal' down south too, so it's not strictly Irish! Also, women in shops call me 'love,' so that is much nicer than when men do it. Although men mostly mean it in a nice way, I do know what you mean about it sometimes coming off as demeaning.

    Oh, and you'll always be cool so don't worry about that. xxx

  7. Yeah, Nature's Own is your best bet for non-HFCS bread.

    If you don't do the UK ISP, there are other ways to watch UK shows but it's more time consuming and you don't get everything.

    I totally know what you mean about not being 'cool' anymore. I miss that. :P

  8. Thanks for the tips on the Nature's Own bread. I'm afraid I may have tried that one and it was still too sweet. I'll have to try it again. Who knew I'd really miss wholemeal bread?? Helen, baking my own bread really freaks me out, hence the bread maker! I'm pretty lazy when it comes to kneading! I may have to see about picking up a Delia cookbook before we go. One more for the pile! :-P

  9. I've seen more and more scones in the grocery bakery Dept.

  10. Thank you for this post! It's a friendly reminder that there are many good things about living abroad. :-)

  11. Norma Iris Vidal - Thanks for following and thanks for the tip! When I'm in the US I usually head STRAIGHT for the doughnuts that I miss everything else in the bakery! I'll have to go slow and have a proper look next time! :)

    Moe -'re still fresh off the boat! It will take time, but you'll soon embrace all the good things. Since you're in England, start with the cheese and it will blossom from there!

  12. Seeing as I'm from Wisconsin originally, I ALWAYS start off with the cheese.