Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just a little housekeeping

I'm bored with my blog and I needed a change, but I'm wasn't ready to give up the birdies!!! I hope I can get some inspiration to make some little tweeks here and there. I was thinking about reincorporating my food blog into a tab on this blog, but it's not doing what I want, so I may just keep it as is. Blah. If anyone has any suggestions on things cool things they've seen out in blog land, I'm up for suggestions!


  1. I've been trying to add tabs into my blog for about a year. All the instructions for it make me cross-eyed.

  2. Well, Moe, let Liz help you like she helped me: As for adding pages, if you go to and click on the Design Tab and then the Page Elements Tab, you can add Gadgets. One of the Gadgets you can add is Pages (It was the 3rd one down for me.)

    The reason this didn't work for me was because the page is just a single html page. I guess what I wanted was a blog within a blog. I'm very greedy.