Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I'm going to try and spruce up a gray January and get excited for my birthday! What gets me excited are the presents. No surprise there! Here are a few I wouldn't mind opening on my big day!

This is the biggie! My current camera is fancier than a point and shoot, but not much more than that. I bought it before I moved to England, so it's almost 5 years old and starting to show it's age. Dropping it at the Dublin Marathon hasn't helped it either. I would love, love, LOVE a digital SLR camera (this is a Canon EOS Rebel T1i) and a few photography courses to go with it!

We're definitely getting this print when we move to the US, so I'll be getting it even if it's not for my birthday! Our friends have the Paris one which I love, but the London one just seems more appropriate for us.

Orla Kiely makes lovely bags and I can't leave Ireland without one! Right!? Well, that's what I keep telling Wes! Ha! I love the flowers on her new bag. (Sorry about the tiny picture!)

Alan Ardiff is an Irish jewellery designer who makes some really cool stuff. Some of the designs actually have pieces that move! This little fish doesn't move, but I think it's really sweet.

It's no secret I love wearing my FitFlops in the summer. They are the most comfortable flip flops out there, hands down. I have no idea if they tone your legs, as their marketing suggests. In fact, if you saw my legs you'd probably call their bluff. I just love them because they actually have arch support and my feet don't ache by the end of the day. I would love a pair of their boots to wear during those months that the flip flops are inappropriate. That's a lot of months here in Ireland!


  1. That camera is awesome. I hope you get it for your birthday! Also, the Orla Kiely bag is great - I hope you get that too. Actually, I hope you get everything on your wish list!

  2. omg that Alan Ardiff jewelry is amazing!! I have already forwarded a link to Ed...

    I have some Orla Kiely bedding that I looove!

  3. I am also dying to have a digital SLR camera. Apparently I'm going to have to save up and buy it myself. It's only been on my list for about 3 years now. Boots with arch support. Yes! sign me up for that too .

  4. I'm a Nikon girl myself but you can't go wrong w/ either one. I've never worn fitflops because someone told me they make your calves HUGE. I already have big calves so have avoided them- the boots look cool though.