Friday, January 21, 2011

I went in to buy a salad....

and ended up walking out with these (in gray). They're totally cute and totally useless to me here. That's right, they're work shoes (aka 'smart shoes' here in Ireland). Do I have a job? No. I guess I was feeling pretty hopeful yesterday. I envisioned myself walking in the door with my new smart shoes, logging onto my email, and being offered an interview! Does that ever really happen to anyone? That's a rhetorical question. Please don't leave comments about miraculous job offers you received.


  1. I propose you just start taking meetings. Just start wearing your suit and those awesome shoes out to places, like lunch or coffee, and maybe I'll join you and we can fake like we're in the middle of a very important business meeting. If we talk loud enough about conglomerates, someone is sure to be interested and voila, job offer.

  2. Great idea, but they need to have a job offer in the US! Ha! Let's just go for lunch and coffee and talk about the Kardashians.

  3. Well, you surely would never have been able to get an offer without the shoes. At least you have a chance now.

  4. Love the shoes! Going to see if they have them in M&S here in London. The title of your post reminded me of a shopping trip to Target! I went in to buy shampoo and 50 dollars later....
    Best of luck with finding a job :)