Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Capture - Fail

To bad the theme wasn't really 'fail' or I would be the winner! The themes were 'Halloween' and 'Silence'. Here are my excuses:

1. Halloween - Well, I really have no (good) excuse for this one. Halloween actually started in Ireland 2,000 years ago as a Celtic festival. They had huge sacred bonfires where they offered up sacrifices to the Celtic deities and dressed up in animal skins and skulls (thanks, Sadly, no trick or treating. They still have bonfires (but offer up pieces of furniture and the occasional car as sacrifice) and they definitely dress up (more princess than dead animal), and of course now there's trick or treating! Oh yeah, my excuse about the lack of picture - we have no children, I hate to dress up, we live in an apartment building so no trick or treaters, and I blanked on even getting a pumpkin to carve.

2. Silence - I live in Dublin city center. Nothing is ever silent here.

I will still leave you with a picture. I had a bad day last Friday and my husband surprised me with these cute little sweetheart roses:

Next week's theme is 'Serene'. I'm not promising anything!


  1. You have a great husband!! And you are pretty great yourself :)