Monday, November 1, 2010

It's about damn time....

I see these bags EVERYWHERE!

I could not for the life of me figure what or who 'PB' is and why everyone loves it/him/her. I would just tell myself it must be 'peanut butter' and give each person a mental high five. I *heart* peanut butter too! Yesterday I saw a girl wearing a pretty hideous jacket with these same patches all over it. I was thisclose to asking her what 'PB' is, but I couldn't get up the nerve. Would she ask me how old I am?? Offer to take me back to the nursing home where I belong?? Put me back inside my old skool fashion closet?? Well, today I saw another girl with the same exact jacket. Then she got off the LUAS and I saw on the back: 'Paul's Boutique'. *insert fist pump here* I felt like I was just given all the answers to the important questions in the universe! Funny enough, about an hour later I saw another person with 'Paul's Boutique' on her clothing. It's like the stars aligned for me to finally be in the know. Seriously, this has been annoying me for months. I would ask people who wouldn't mock me for my lack of fashion knowledge what 'PB' stands for and no one could tell me.

But today! TODAY!

Of course I have to look this joint up on the web and it seems to be a UK shop. Clearly Paul knows the ropes when it comes free advertising via logo placement. I'm very anti-logo wearing, so one click onto his site** and I'm completely put off. Plus, the stuff is hideous (at least to my old, fashion-backward eyes). That bag up there? 60 GBP (sorry, I'm too lazy to copy and paste the pound sign). That's about 55 GBP more than I'd like to spend on it. 

So yeah, now I know (FINALLY!) what 'PB' stands for and I'm a bit disappointed. I think I'm going to go back to believing it's 'peanut butter' because let's be honest, my *heart* is warmed by a nice schmear.

**No, I'm not providing the website. Your welcome.


  1. I thought it stood for Pacific Beach and would silently judge everyone with the bag, knowing that none of them have been to Pacific Beach. And isn't Paul's Boutique a Beastie Boys album?! YES. So who's copying who!?

  2. Ah-HA! I just a conversation with my husband about this mystery brand because that horrible X Factor Cher has been wearing this awful stuff. Thank you for the clarification, Miss Marple :)

  3. I think you should make up a similar badge that has "I *heart* PB" and put a picture of a sandwich under it.

  4. Moe, that's genius! Ha!

    LL - That's what I'm here for, to suss out horrible fashion trends.

    Liz - now you can just judge them for their horrible sense of fashion. That's what I do!

  5. I have been reading your blog without saying anything for a while - I hope it doesn't creep you out!!!!

    I am Reinadeluz from UKY by the way :-)

    Anyway, I read this post and I could not help myself from sharing a similar fashion conundrum that (unlike in your case) ended up exposing me as a TOTAL fashion/accessories loser!

    One of my friends in undergrad had a beautiful bag that had "D&B" written all over it. Ok, so, I dunno what this mysterious "D&B" means but I know she recently went to Dave and Busters so I was all like "Hey Mabel, did you win that bag at Dave and Busters?!? It's gorgeous!!"

    She had to take a break from laughing at me to explain about Dooney and Bourke. I felt really dumb (for real).

    Funnily enough, I now own a few vintage Dooney and Bourke handbags that I like way better than the new ones, and cost a fraction of the price online! Woo!

  6. Thanks for reading and commenting, Reinadeluz! :)

    'Dave and Busters'...That's hilarious! Wouldn't Dooney and Bourke love to know you can win their bags at restaurant/arcade!?

  7. A few years ago in Selfridges a young shop assistant tried to sell me a brightly coloured handbag. She was emphatic that it was going to be all the rage. I told her it looked like something I made when in arts and crafts when I was ten. Yep, that was a Paul's Boutique bag. I will never forget watching the popularity soar of these bags in the following months and wondering just how old I had gotten.
    And yes, it makes me think of peanut butter as well. And I love peanut butter. The suggestion of the logo with the sandwich is ace.

  8. This post is too funny. Living in London I see these bags all the time and every time I see one I think that the PB stands for peanut butter, but that's just my wishful thinking!