Monday, February 15, 2010

This and that...

and steamed green beans

Not a whole lot going on here these days. Not surprisingly, most of our conversations center around what the heck we're going to do after May 31st when Wes' contract is up. Last night we were watching the Olympics and an American woman passed the Canadian favorite in the moguls to get the gold. Even I surprised myself with the 'booyah!' that came flying out of my mouth. Then I turn to my husband with a crazed look in my eyes and say, 'Why wouldn't you want to live in America where your athletes will DOMINATE!!!???' I mean, could there be a better reason to move there??

Prior to this we were eating our lovely Marks and Spencer food and I mentioned that while I would miss this culinary delight if we moved away from here, think of what we would gain! Me: The pizza shop! Him: Panera! Me: Trader Joe's! Him: Whole Foods!'  We came to the conclusion that we could 'visit' M&S when we happened to be in the country. Of course, they have M&S in the UK (it is British after all!) which is a pro for the possibility of moving there. It's good to keep things in perspective when making such large decisions!


  1. Well taste and smell are two of the strongest senses - maybe you could order M and S on line?!

  2. As much as I enjoy many things about my life here, MY GOD if I could move back to the US I would do it in a second. Run! Run like the wind! In June the weather will be glorious and warm, no matter where you go. And DRY. Dry!! No more mold! No more days upon days of gray skies. But mostly Trader Joe's!!! Ah, the land of plenty...sigh...