Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

served with boiled rice

I was given this award by Smocha at Cats on the British Counter. Thank you! The conditions of the award state that I should tell you seven things about me. Right oh, so here goes!

1. If I could have any job in the world, I'd want to sing on Broadway.

2. I love to travel, but I'm always happy to get home, particularly if I'm in a non-English speaking country. I find it can get exhausting not understanding what people are saying around you or be able to read the signs, etc. I think 2 weeks is my max.

3. I am a shopping enabler, so don't take me with you if you're not prepared to purchase. I will convince you you're making the right decision to buy!

4. I am not crafty at all. I love to do DIY, but loathe crafts. It took me 45 minutes to stamp a greeting card at one of those parties. Etsy is my friend!

5. I think goat's cheese is vile and I hate that it's become a trendy food. The smell of it makes me sick.

6. I love to eat dips. I had a party once and my friend made fun of me because I was making about 5 types of dips.

7. As a child I was terrified of thunderstorms. I grew out of it as I got older and even started to enjoy them a bit. Being in England/Ireland has made me soft and I'm back to being scared of them. We had thunder and lightening here a couple of months ago and it scared the heck out of me!  

I'm not going to pass this one on, but all of the blogs I follow make me happy! I enjoy reading all of you!