Thursday, October 14, 2010

This and that

  • I had a dream last night that I saw Justin Bie.ber's naughty parts while perusing a Christian book store. It was all totally horrifying and I'm not proud of it.
  • My cat hasn't been doing too much in the poo category this week. She hasn't gone for a few days, so I told her this morning that she needs to go poo or she's going to have to go to the vet. She immediately headed back to the litter box and went for a poo. That's right, she understands Human. 
  • I know that being a checkout person for Tesco isn't the job of the century, but would it kill them to take a little pride in their work and be slightly interested in the customers they're serving? Trust me, I'm no more interested in shopping there than they are of serving me, but since it's the only store in Dublin that sells the brand of cat litter we use, we have to go there. The checkout people at the store in Jervis are the pits. They could take a lesson from the M&S employees right up stairs. I walk out of that place feeling like I made new friends. 
  • Pretty sure the application process for a US federal job is set up to weed out those who don't have the moxy to complete the application itself. I will conquer you!!! 
Oh  yeah! I almost forgot this one.....
  • Pringles has come out with a special holiday line of crisps. One of the flavors? Pigs in a blanket. No, I don't want to eat a potato chip that tastes like a sausage wrapped in bacon. W.T.F. Blech.


    1. LOL the "good" (can you even call it good?) thing about meat flavoured crisps are that they are usually suitable for vegetarians. I used to love pigs in a blanket in elementary school and would totally taste a Pringle to chase some nostalgia. Must research the other flavours now!

    2. Oh and wait... arent pigs in a blanket sausage wrapped in pastry?

    3. Pigs in a blanket in the UK/Ireland is little sausages wrapped in bacon. A sausage wrapped in pastry is a sausage roll! Yummy!!

    4. pigs in a blanket pringles?! sound gross- is this an Irish only product?

    5. Oh, I imagine they'll make it your way shortly!