Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wes' marathon goal has been to come in under 3 hours and hallelujah he finally did it! The Dublin Marathon was yesterday and he finished with a time of 2:58:05. Such an awesome time!!! He was taking a bit of a chance since he just did the marathon in Germany less than a month ago, but he figured since it was local he had to give it a shot. The conditions were perfect for him, which means it wasn't too hot. In fact, it was really freakin' cold. So cold that I needed my Steeler's hat. Who knew I'd be such a hit with the runners! I got one, 'Go Steelers!', a few people gave me the thumbs up, I got a lot of smiles, and one guy tried to give me a high five but he ran by too fast. I should point out that I was at mile 3, so people were still pretty chipper. Even my, 'Not much further now!' didn't get a negative response.

Things are different at mile 26. I yelled, 'You can do it! Great job! Well done! Looking great! Nearly there!' about a million times and I think I'm lucky I didn't get the finger. Well, that would be my response if I was cramped up and struggling and someone yelled, 'Don't give up, you're nearly there!' That's probably why I'm not cut out to run a marathon. Good thing I enjoy cheering and clapping!

Here's a picture of Wes at mile 26. I knew when I saw him he was going to get an awesome time, so I yelled, 'Go Wes! You're killing it!' You can get away with saying such things when you're an American.


  1. Yeah Wes! He really did kill it!
    I bet that people appreciated your cheering at mile 26, how could they not??

  2. Oh Good lawd. How can they do it?

    Yay Wes! You go !!

    My son Wes, is also a runner. I don't think he's done a whole marathon though.

    My feet hurt,even going barefoot on cheap carpet :)

  3. Yes, that kind of American never-say-die, keep-going, very encouraging cheering is something I miss here in the UK. :) Keep cheering! -- and congratulations Wes... actually both of you (team spirit)!

  4. hahaha. I've been in America for umpteen years and I'M not even sure what the steelers are. Is it football, hockey or basketball?

  5. Jaysus Alicia....FOOTBALL!!! You're even living in PA! No excuse!