Sunday, March 7, 2010


I imagine the lovely fishing village of Howth is gorgeous in the summertime. Unfortunately, we only tend to go there when it's beautifully sunny and bloody freezing. Today was no exception and I'm glad I decided to bring my hat at the last minute. If only I had thought to bring my scarf and gloves too! There is a farmer's market every Sunday in Howth and it's an easy trip on the DART from Dublin which means there are LOADS of tourists there on the weekends. We had a disappointing lunch in a pub, then wandered around to enjoy the sunshine. We would have eaten from the Farmer's Market, but it was so cold all you really wanted to do was sit inside where it was warm. People were actually eating ice cream cones and we both agreed it was definitely not ice cream eating weather. One of the best parts of the day were the cheeky seals that came up to the pier! You get the impression that they're well fed by handouts from the fisherman during the week! At one point there were eight of them hovering around. So cute! Here are a few pictures from the day:

Ireland's Eye in the foreground with Lambay Island behind it.

Looking back towards Howth

The lighthouse and part of the pier

Fishing trawlers headed out to sea!

The requisite shot!


After a lovely day we came back to reality - Smithfield Square after the monthly horse sale. Blech.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a good day out - except for the square at the end. It cracks me up here that you need sunnies and gloves; it's like getting ready to go skiiing! So strange. (well, not that I ski but I imagine...)

  3. I don't ski either, but I imagine that yes, it would be like skiing!

  4. I love Howth, although we've only been there once. We will go again in the Summer though. Lovely photos.