Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Dave Matthews Band

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn

Last night we headed to the O2 with Liz and SJC to see the Dave Matthews Band. This time was a bit different from the previous four times I've seen him. 1.) We paid extra for seats 2.)It was not warm outside 3.) The concert was inside and 4.) I didn't see anyone puking. 

The evening started out on a good note when we found out our seats were upgraded. Basically, they didn't sell enough seats and we got moved up closer to the front. This probably made us all feel a bit more special than it should have. Whatever, we felt like rockstars! Being in the seats, as opposed to down on the floor, meant that there were a lot of old people sitting around us. And by old people, I mean my ripe old age of 35. There was even a pregnant girl in front of us who looked like she would have rather been sticking forks in her eyes than sitting at this concert. Also being in the seats meant that you don't stand up and dance. One couple did this and we all shot eye daggers at them. Fortunately, the large bald man in front of me didn't seem too interested in dancing.

As always, the DMB put on a good show. They don't keep the crowd waiting too long and they pretty much play continuously for 3 hours. They like to go off on their jamming tangents, which can get a little long, but I enjoy watching them because you can tell they're obviously having a blast. It makes me feel good to know the band members actually LIKE each other.

Note to all those first time DMBers out there - Chanting 'Two Step' will not get them to play it as the encore. Ever. Don't be that guy who can't stop chanting it.

If you're a DMB dork like me, you might be interested to know the electric guitar player on the left is Tim Reynolds.


  1. I went on Sunday night to see DMB in Manchester. I stood for 3 hours watching them 'jamming' and was not impressed. Self-indulgence at it's best. Agree that they are all amazingly talented, but I prefer to see Dave Matthews on his own - and actually last time he performed 'solo' he had Tim Reynolds with him, so that was ace. Sunday night wasn't though.

  2. Yeah, I think if I had to stand I would have been miserable. I don't really see it as self-indulgence though. It has to be really boring playing so many concerts, so they have to keep it interesting and fun for themselves.

    Seeing Dave Matthews solo would definitely be awesome!

  3. We had great seats for Tuesday night and didn't end up using them :( I didn't want to be "that" pregnant woman, plus the vet was coming over. Glad you had fun! They always put on such a great show!